Work One Out

Polish your physique with the mansion set.


On May 15, 2007, Exercise TV and Dragonfly Productions released an exercise DVD starring Kendra Wilkinson, Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt. Yes, those would be theGirls Next Door” and Playboy Hugh M. Hefner’s personal, live-in, frolicksome threesome. The video manages to capture the vibrance of the girls while also being suprisingly relaxing. Holly’s lulling tone, Kendra’s throaty giggle and Bridget’s “everygirl” vibe put you at ease and make you feel as if you are simply stretching and squatting with the girls as opposed to being put on the spot in a harsh environment with an unfriendly, self-important instructor. The DVD features “Holly’s Sexy Silhouette Shape-up”, “Bridgette’s Boot Camp Challenge” and “Kendra’s Hip-Hop Romp”.

Each girl has a different approach to her segment. Holly, who I consider the classic starlet type of the group, demonstrates an aerobic workout with simplistic moves. She brings a blonde exuberance to what are considered by most to be “tried and true” exercises.

Bridget calls her method of work-out the “butt-and-gut”.She admittedly focuses so much on her butt and abs that she often leaves out any leg or arm moves. She considers hers a military style routine. (Hence her camo exercise ensemb.) Her segment on the video emphasizes the abs and her major in Communications shows as does her professionalism. On the DVD as in life, she has a very likeable quality and sells it  well without seeming dense. Bridget has been called-out by some as being a bit chubby which may explain why she is the only girl to cover her mid-section while exercising. (It may also explain recent photos of a much thinner, but not necesarily prettier Bridget.)

Suprise, suprise. Kendra’s contribution to all of this is a segment of booty dancing and another of martial art punches. Her accompanying interview does little to her advantage. She comes across as niave and obtuse. That said, she is definitley the most fit of the three and works out every day to counter-act her football game beers and nightly nacho habit.

After doing the routines I was slightly sore, especially the next day. This, however, isn’t saying much. Once an exercise fanatic it had been a while since I had any kind of a work out  other than sex (By the way, Holly’s main way of staying in shape). Not exactly cutting-edge, the girls’ techniques and presentations bring something different to the fitness table. Their positive “bunny” attitudes, not to mention physiques provide a plentitude of inspiration to say the least. Despite the lack of innovation or realization of the work out clothing line mentioned by the girls, I am very supportive of and hopeful for further output from the girls. Although the loss of momentum makes further productions seem unlikely, I’m keeping my ears crossed!

Holly’s interview from the DVD:


Just because the exercise clothing line touted by the girls failed to come to fruition doesn’t mean you can’t kick  every element of your workout into Playmate mode. Here, just a few of the active wear pieces offered on

Above: Convey femininity, even while flushed and sodden with sweat in this matching creamsicle set.  Playboy workout top, $14.50 and skirt, $17.00 (on sale currently)

PMOY 2006, Sara Jean Underwood demonstrates not only the perfect gym ensemble but the desired outcome of the workout itself. T-back tank, $14.50 and capri pant, $29.99. Below: True, an inveterite playmate can do everything in open-toed stilettos but keep in mind that as a modern princess, your feet incarnate your pedestal. Keep them safe in pink or white “Abstract Bunny Leather Sneakers”, $49.99 And don’t forget the socks! skater socks, “Pink Edition”, $23.95


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